Services and Fees

A luxurious, yet affordable approach to dog grooming awaits your pet at Pawtiques.

Service dog: 10% discount ( must provide service dog documents )

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Dog baths includes: wash, dry, brush, nail clipping and ear cleaning (anal gland expression upon request)

XSmall- (up to 10 LBS): $40
Small- ( 11-15 LBS): $45
Small/Medium- ( 16-25 LBS): $50
Medium- (26-40 LBS): $60
Large- ( 41-60LBS): $70
XLarge- (61-80LBS): $80
XXLarge- (81+ LBS): $100

Cat baths

Short coat starting at $60
Long coat starting at $70
Cat nail trim: $20

**Extra fees may apply for longer/thicker ( double coat ) dog. Full service bath takes 1-3 hours.**

Full Grooming

Full grooming includes: bath, dry, hair cut, nails, and ear cleaning. Anal gland expression and ear plucking upon request

XSmall- ( up to 10 LBS): $70
Small-( 11-15 LBS): $75
Medium- ( 16-25 LBS): $85
Medium/Large- ( 26-40 LBS): $95
Large- ( 41-60 LBS): $110
XLarge- (61-80 LBS): $125
XXLarge- (81LBS and up): $150

Grooming takes between 2-4 hours. We do expect dog to be picked up when we are finished. After the 5th hour, there is an extra charge of $20 per hour.

A La Cart Services

Prices starting at:

Teeth brushing: $5
Basic Trimming: Starting at $15 ( example : face, feet, or sanitary trim )
Nail Trimming: Starting at $15
Nail Dremel: Starting at $15
Trimming and Dremel: Starting at $25
Ears (plucking and cleaning): $15
Anal gland expression: $15
Flea tick or medicated shampoo: $10
De-matting: $20 per hour
De-shedding: $20 per hour

** All prices based on coat length or specific breed of dogs. Prices may be higher. Extra charges may be applied for dogs that are hard to handle, overweight, larger than AKC standards, or with thick coats. All fees are subject to change without notice. **

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